Artist's Statement

From rapidly melting glaciers in southern Chile and Argentina, unprecedented storms in the Atacama Desert, deforestation in Brazil to the accelerating coastal erosion in the UK, I am increasingly seeing ecological disasters unfold. I have an avid interest in highlighting the effects of both local and national governments' neglect of our environments and their disregard for the people who are directly affected. I am forever questioning why authorities fail to undertake and deliver on promises and my research exposes the hypocrisy of those faceless organisations who promise much but have little or no intention to deliver. I am primarily interested in highlighting how our environments are being destroyed by deliberate neglect. What is apparent is that pressure in every form must be brought on those in authority to act and the photographic image is a powerful format.

Academic and Photographic Qualifications
MBA, BSc International Marketing, BA (Hons)Photography, LRPS

My Current Focus

Coastal erosion in Norfolk is well documented but analysis suggests that fundamental changes to the landscape and communities are inevitable and dramatic. The real conundrum is what can be done and over what period of time to protect communities or develop strategies to manage the upheaval and changes needed. These issues also need to take into account the oft quoted measure of cost-benefit analysis that controls Government spending on coastal erosion. My focus is on the area around Happisburgh (pronounced hayz-br-ugh) a small village with a population of around 1400 where erosion of its cliff face has been and continues to be dramatic leading to the loss of many properties with many more at risk and with no real solution in sight to help those losing what may be their only significant asset.

An Exhibition of my work takes place at the Anteros Gallery in Norwich from January 4th-15th 2022, entitled Happisburgh, the village falling into the sea.

Map showing Erosion Progression

Other Documentary Work

A misleading 10 Year Plan

A local authority has only one real interest which is focused almost entirely on the airport. All other projects included in the town council's 10-year plan do not stand up to scrutiny and are all invariably "subject to planning agreement" or nothing like the authority claims in its propaganda. Meanwhile the neglect of the town is there to be seen.

The truth about Italian medieval mountain villages.

Picturesque views of Italian mountain villages belie the reality of their gradual demise as limited work opportunities lead to the exodus of the young. As the older inhabitants die, so do the villages.

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Secrecy surrounding Mid Bedfordshire's landfill sites.

Once, the London Brick Company, it was the world's biggest provider of household building bricks. The industry has now gone but the polluted sites have been left. Whilst the larger clay pits were used for landfill (now ceased) and one is a water sports centre, many smaller ones have been abandoned. Who takes responsibility for making good?

Rapidly melting glaciers in southern Chile and unprecedented storms in the Atacama Desert

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Luton - Is it still a "Crap Town"?

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